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INVOcell is a unique alternative to traditional infertility treatments that takes a different approach and offers a brighter way forward for many.

IVC with

There's a big difference between IVC and IVF when it comes to patient participation. With IVC mothers-to-be get to carry the embryo in their bodies rather than leaving embryos in the lab. This advanced treatment option keeps women at the center of the incubation process — and closely connected to the embryo.

The innovation of INVOcell

INVOcell offers both an advanced alternative and a more accessible process — opening more doors for people to pursue parenthood.

Deeper connection

With INVOcell, the embryo stays in the woman's body, keeping her connected to its development. This is different from other fertilization treatments, where the embryo is kept in a lab.

Female-focused process

Comfort in the process makes all the difference. INVOcell was designed around women, not labs, making the process feel more efficient and natural.

Positive results

INVOcell success rates are comparable to IVF and substantially higher than IUI.


The efficiencies created by using INVOcell help to bring costs down. Reduced lab supplies and resources reduce the overall fees for many families—and lower barriers to care for many more.

How we do it

For Patients

We get it; there are times when pregnancy just doesn’t seem possible. But possible is what we’re all about — offering women a unique procedure with a unique path to parenthood.

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How we do it

For Providers

You know more than most that conception often comes with disappointment. With INVOcell, you can offer patients an alternative — replacing  disappointment with newfound potential.

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