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Everyone deserves the chance to create a family. INVOcell is an advanced fertility treatment option for parents-to-be dreaming of what could be.

With INVOcell,
there’s another path
to parenthood.

Meet the first and only FDA-cleared and CE-marked medical device for fertility treatment through intravaginal culture (IVC).
IVC is an innovative approach where a woman’s body acts as a natural incubator for fertilization. And for many individuals facing fertility challenges, it opens up a new world of potential for creating a family.

Why try INVOcell?

The fertility journey is difficult in so many ways. But INVOcell’s unique approach creates efficiencies — which mean opportunities — for more people to receive treatment.

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Reduced lab procedures

How we do it

For Patients

We get it; there are times when pregnancy just doesn’t seem possible. But possible is what we’re all about — offering women a unique procedure with a unique path to parenthood.

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How we do it

For Providers

You know more than most that conception often comes with disappointment. With INVOcell, you can offer patients an alternative — replacing  disappointment with newfound potential.

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Everyone deserves the chance to create a family.

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