IVC with INVOcell.

INVOcell is the first ever FDA-cleared and CE-marked medical device for fertility treatment via intravaginal culture (IVC). During IVC, eggs, sperm and culture media are combined in the INVOcell device. The INVOcell is then placed in the upper vaginal cavity, allowing for fertilization and incubation to occur in a way similar to natural conception.

Keeping families connected

Unlike IVF, where eggs and sperm are combined in a lab, INVOcell holds the eggs and sperm inside the female body. This process provides the optimal environment for embryo development, and also keeps women closely connected to the experience.

Device features

Inner chamber

Holds the egg and sperm

Outer chamber

Protects the inner chamber

Retention device

Holds the outer chamber in place

How INVOcell works

During pre-treatment, patients undergo a personalized ovarian stimulation protocol. Patients then undergo the following IVC treatment steps.

Step 1

After the egg retrieval and sperm collection, they are placed in the INVOcell device for fertilization.*

*The clinician may recommend ICSI, a procedure which inseminates the egg prior to placement of the device.

Step 2

The device is then placed in the upper vaginal cavity to allow incubation to take place.

Step 3

Upon completion of the incubation period, the device is removed.

Step 4

An embryo is selected and transferred into the uterus. Any additional embryos can be frozen.

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