An optimistic alternative.

INVOcell is the first and only FDA-cleared, CE-marked Intravaginal Culture (IVC) system, offering you an alternative procedure — and your patients expanded opportunity.

John Park, MD

Carolina Concepts

“For many couples struggling with infertility, IVC with INVOcell offers a woman the chance for embryos to develop within her own body, rather than in the laboratory. I'm proud to offer IVC with INVOcell as option to my patients.”

Sue Ellen Carpenter

Sue Ellen Carpenter “INVOcell is a simple solution to provide people more access to advanced fertility treatment.”

Why recommend INVOcell?

The fertility journey is difficult in so many ways. But INVOcell’s unique approach creates efficiencies — which mean opportunities — for more people to receive treatment.

A proven option in the conception journey

Effective for women seeking IVF alternatives

Uses a woman’s own body as an incubator

Why bring INVOcell into a conversation

Not all paths look the same

  • Every couples’ needs and experiences are different, depending on who they are, where they are in their lives, and why and how they choose to address their fertility issues.
  • More options are needed to assist couples along this personal journey, and INVOcell is a new way to approach infertility — giving you a new way to care for patients who have been unsuccessful with other fertility treatments.
How it works

INVOcell is a novel approach

  • INVOcell is an IVC System that offers women and their partners another proven option on their journey to build their families
  • The INVOcell Culture Device uses a woman’s own body as an incubator during fertilization and early embryo development
How it works

IVC keeps you deeply connected

IVC Allows:

  • Increased control through the ability to transfer a single embryo
  • Increased control through the ability to transfer a single embryo
  • Increased efficacy
  • Women to be closely involved in the process
  • Practitioners to come further alongside their patients
How it works

Decreasing the cost to the patient

With INVOcell, fertilization and early embryo development occur inside the woman’s body; not in a laboratory.

Reduced lab expenses
Fewer resources & less equipment
Ability to treat more patients
Savings passed on to the patient

Reasons to believe


IVC results are comparable to IVF and significantly better than Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)


IVC is perfect for those who are seeking a cost-conscious alternative


Lower lab expenditures and expenses facilitate greater location sustainability and patient access


IVC allows fertilization and early embryo development to occur within the woman's body, offering a more connected experience


IVC provides an alternative to patients that object to IVF for religious or cultural reasons

Your INVOcell questions — answered

How big is INVOcell?
Is INVOcell uncomfortable when placed inside my body?
Is there anything I can’t do while INVOcell is in my body?
What should I do if the INVOcell device moves?
Can I limit the possibility of multiples?

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