A new outlook.

INVOcell presents new potential for parenthood: offering a viable alternative to IVF that uses the female body for fertilization and incubation — keeping you at the center of the reproductive process.

Holly, Geoff, and Hope

INVOcell success story

“It’s hard to believe our daughter started in one of these. This little device created such a big miracle.”

Johnny, Nate, and Iveigh

INVOcell success story

"Without INVOcell our long awaited, beloved daughter would not be here."

Start by selecting an INVO Center or a local IVF clinic that offers INVOcell and IVC.

Once you’ve identified a fertility specialist or fertility clinic who offers INVOcell, it helps to have the resources you need on hand. Make sure you have all the details and the questions you should ask in mind to have a productive conversation — like these:

Is INVOcell right for me and my fertility challenges?
What are my chances of conceiving with INVOcell?
How many monitoring visits will I need?
How is IVC with INVOcell different from other options used in fertility treatment?
How does IVC with INVOcell work?
How long does IVC with INVOcell take?
How much does an IVC cycle with INVOcell cost?
Does the cost include medication?
Will my insurance cover treatment with INVOcell?

Your INVOcell questions — answered

How big is INVOcell?
Is INVOcell uncomfortable when placed inside my body?
Is there anything I can’t do while INVOcell is in my body?
What should I do if the INVOcell device moves?
Can I limit the possibility of multiples?

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