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Everyone deserves the chance to create a family. INVOcell is an advanced fertility treatment option for parents-to-be dreaming of what could be.

With INVOcell,
there’s another path
to parenthood.

Meet the first and only FDA-cleared and CE-certified medical device for fertility treatment through intravaginal culture (IVC).
IVC is an innovative approach where a woman’s body acts as a natural incubator for fertilization. And for many individuals facing fertility challenges, it opens up a new world of potential for creating a family.

Safe & secure

Unlike in vitro fertilization (IVF), where eggs and sperm are combined in a lab, INVOcell holds them inside a woman’s body, providing the optimal environment for early embryo development.
Device features
Inner chamber
Holds the egg and sperm
Culture device
Protects the inner chamber
Retention device
Holds the culture device in place
Download instructions for using INVOcell.

How INVOcell works

Step 1
The process starts with egg retrieval and sperm collection. Then the eggs and sperm are placed inside the inner chamber of the culture device.
Step 2
Your doctor will then place the culture device inside the retention device, and insert them through the vagina into the space below the cervix.
Step 3
After a 3-5 day incubation period, the INVOcell is removed.
Step 4
An embryo is selected and transferred to the womb for further development.

Why try INVOcell?

The fertility journey is difficult in so many ways. But INVOcell’s unique approach creates efficiencies — which mean opportunities — for more people to receive treatment.

Deeper personal connection

Accessible to more families

Reduced lab procedures

Where can I get more information about INVOcell?

INVOcell and the IVC procedure is currently available at the clinics below and will be coming soon to a location near you.
Innovative Fertility Specialists, An INVO Center
1 Inverness Center Parkway, Birmingham, AL 35242
+1 205 509 0700
Bloom Fertility, An INVO Center
6 Concourse Parkway, Suite 250, Atlanta, Georgia 30328
+1 678 597 9933
Positib Fertility, An INVO Center
Medyka Bosques
Bosques del Valle #112, Col. Bosques del Valle
San Pedro Garza Garcia, NL 66250, Mexico
Santiago de Compostela 88, 28035, Madrid
+34 91 077 00 07
Paseo de la Farola 5, 29016, Málaga
+34 951 506 462
Av. Severo Ochoa 67, 29603, Marbella
+34 951 087 975
Paseo de Marina Española 26, 51001, Ceuta
+34 956 926 250

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Everyone deserves the chance to create a family.

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